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We are airborne!


Dear pilots,

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited World of Warplanes game was officially released on November 12. The Developers would like to thank all the players who were there for us and brave enough to battle through all stages of game testing. With only a computer mouse and joystick at your disposal you learnt to fly; you launched ground and ram attacks; you mastered hit-and-run tactics and refined steep turn maneuvering; you were destroyed many times but flew up into the clouds over and over again in an effort to win the next battle. We praise your courage and persistence!

Just as we promised, we will be awarding all testers with a commemorative gift; click here for more information.

So that all players are on an equal footing, we’ve had to write-off all in-game property except for a couple of aircraft. The experience that players gained during testing will remain intact and points have been transferred to the account of each nation’s pilots of tier 1 aircraft.

Find out more about achievements management.

The World of Warplanes’ open beta test is now over, but the team continues to fine-tune the game preparing new aircraft, locations, and ammunition.

Please note that players can benefit from the new unified account which provides access to both World of Warplanes and World of Tanks and allows players to pay for all premium services at once.

Off we go! Get airborne!