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World of Warplanes Interesting Facts


Our warplanes have risen into the air and move steadily upwards! We would like to share some top-secret and exclusive information about World of Warplanes with you. Make sure there are no enemies nearby, relax, sit tight, and enjoy.

Interesting facts:

  • On average, planes are downed by bombs once in every seven battles.
  • On average, planes are shot down with rockets once in every five battles.
  • On average, the rear gunner shoots down an enemy aircraft once in every three battles.
  • The best pilot gained 200 Ace awards during the first week.
  • Players spend about 76% of their time spectating the battle and enjoying plane models, and this statistics is rising.
  • Players spend x1.5 more time in the game than during the Open Beta.
  • Over 12,000 bugs were detected during testing; we’ve fixed them all.
  • We processed over 2,000 bug reports during testing.
  • The QA department spent over 20 hours verifying the final patch.
  • The initial World of Warplanes code is stored in 18,716 files.
  • We tested nine types of mouse control before choosing the best option. No animals were harmed during this testing, we promise.