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Persha Studia Moved To A New Home!


First days of May became a housewarming for Persha Studia, as we moved to our new comfortable office. Located in the same historical part of Kiev as the old one – at Podil, only a block away – Persha Studia’s new home in Domino business center finally gave us an opportunity to house all the Departments under one roof.

Minimalistic and at the same time colorful and spacious, our new office is boasting lots of glass and chrome and huge windows showing the blooming Kiev streets and vivid May sky. Our teams will be able to decorate their rooms as they wish, adorning the walls with large paintings, images, banners and anything else their creativity leads them to. More space for everyone, more comfort in all aspects – what else can you wish to be productive and convey your ideas into reality?!

Persha Studia is located on five floors housing World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Generals, Web, Central Art and administrative departments. In addition to a gym with various equipment we got a new room for fitness and yoga exercise to keep us healthy corporeally, as well as a game room – for recreation and mental relaxation.


Come visit us – 51 Nizhniy Val str., Kyiv!