Persha Studia /news/rss/ Persha Studia Moved To A New Home! First days of May became a housewarming for Persha Studia, as we moved to our new comfortable office. 19.05.2014 86 World of Warplanes Blog Takes Off Developers provide insights on game mechanics and other core elements. 02.04.2014 84 World of Warplanes Interesting Facts Our planes move steadily upwards, setting new battle records. We would like to share some top-secret and exclusive information about World of Warplanes with you. Make sure there are no enemies nearby, relax, sit tight, and enjoy. 29.11.2013 20 We are airborne! Dear pilots, We are excited to announce that the long-awaited World of Warplanes game was officially released on November 12. The Developers would like to thank all the players who were there for us and brave enough to battle through all stages of game testing. 12.11.2013 22